Subjective Everything


Subjectivity ruined my life.  Ruined it.  It may have also greatly enriched it but I have been perpetually confused for 14 years now.

My understanding of this concept shook and silenced me, the understanding that everything that I know exists in my own world view and may exist also within a multitude of different interpretations.

Everything you know is just the same.

My understanding of subjectivity, took from me the sense of confidence I had in my own beliefs, the sense of certainty I had in my world knowledge and ability to understand the lives around me.  I once thought that I understood the people and facts around me, I knew everything and I was right.  I thought I could understand people’s actions and motivations and the facts of their lives but when I look at this concept of subjectivity I realise that I don’t really know anything, never truly.

The simplest line to explain the concept of subjectivity, was the line ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’.  How true this can be, simple as it is.

Everything I think I know is based on ideas that may not be true representations of reality, or they may be representations of reality that are presented by a group motivated by their own will for gain.

Propaganda pervades my plateau.  I put a twenty cent coin into the telescope and all I get is a blurry view.

The upside of this predicament is that my lack of certainty gives me objectivity and more curiosity than I have time for.  I have no side to take.  I am an observer.  I can put the pieces of the puzzles together to the best of my judgement and make decisions based on best practice, perceived probability and informed guesswork open to later reversal.  The case never closes.

If I can’t see your point of view maybe I just don’t understand.  Or maybe you are wrong.  Maybe our realities are not congruent.  There are extensive possibilities.

Subjectivity is terrifying but blindingly illuminating.




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