The Girl Who Smelled Death

‘They say when something bad happens you should get back on the horse…but I just shot it in the head -that’s how I roll’

To anyone else Jessica looked like any other happy-go-lucky, odd and rebellious, three sheets to the wind kind of student.  She put up a big front.  She hid a lot behind a little exterior.  Five foot one and built like a wire Jessica could have passed for a toddler, so people joked.  Tiny, but fast, sharp and strong.  You kind of have to be to survive at such subterranean levels, that they also joked.

She went to school like everyone else, ate meals with friends, fully managed to keep up appearances, to a manageable extent at least, at home and in town.  But under the guise was another world.

It started when she was little.  When a friend of her mother’s was ill and dying they had gone to visit.  Jessica played by the bed as her mum sat holding a hand, wiping away a tear of someone about to pass any minute.  The doorbell went and Jessica was left alone in the room with the soon to be departed.  She heard a rasp and saw a beckoning hand reaching out to her.  Scared but curious, as always, Jessica approached slowly and cautiously.  Stopping just a pace away, she felt the beckoning hand reach out and touch her forehead.  The hand stayed there for a moment that seemed to hang there indefinitely.  She looked in the dying eyes before her and saw something dark and strange and tangible staring intently back at her.

Then, in a flash of icy white, she saw that strange light leave those eyes and enter her own.  She felt the hand drop limp before her and the silence in the room become suffocating.  Stuck still in shocked silence Jessica stared ahead, and then screamed, for mum, who would have no idea what had just been done to her precious, and daring angel.




To be continued……….


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