Weekend Coffee Share

So I’m sitting here in my little room, a little hungover, tapping away on this dusty keyboard and I’d actually love to share a coffee with you.  There’s no-one else around, not even my cat!  Standard.  Sigh 

I’m going to make a big pot of Colombian dark roast coffee and drink it in my new shiny black mug that I bought myself as a treat (I’m single so I treat myself well and often and will only be stopped when someone else decides to take over and treat me well too and let me do the same for them).

I would tell you the gossip but I don’t have any really.  Nothing majorly exciting or life-changing has happened me this week.  Unless it has and the changes just haven’t been revealed yet.  I don’t know man, stop pushing me.

Anyway, how are you?  I hope this coffee isn’t too strong for you.  I tend to make it strong in the hope that it will speed me up, accelerate me, lightyears into the future so I can cheat the game and see how exactly I go about figuring everything out and finding my way to a happy well-adjusted life.  It hasn’t worked yet, but I hold on hope.

We could talk about the news, the passing of a boxing legend, but maybe it’s flooded your Facebook since last night and you’re getting tetchy about that so we’ll just leave that where it is(legend though, what a legend).

I’m glad you stopped by here.  I was beginning to feel like, that weird preacher guy who used to sit in the bus depot, looking like guerrilla warfare was about to bust out and he was ready, in full militia gear, good to go, but also going to talk a lot about Jesus to anyone who was there, there and generally putting headphones in to not listen.  Just talking to myself.

At least I listen to me.  Listen, argue, battle, console, restrain, remind, motivate, madden, deplete, encourage, warn, protect.  I’m like my own fucking master and mentor these days.  It feels good and terrible all at the same time.

I spilled some coffee on my cartoon YMCA coaster, I better go and sort this mess out.  Enjoy your day my friend.  And remember, you’re only as big as your next move.  (Somebody wise said that before, I just don’t remember who).  But own it!



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