Blues skies in abundance.

Daily promt: Sky!


As a bit of a travel enthusiast I am a little obsessed with the skies. Here are some of my favourite photos that I have taken of it looking particularly attractive.

Taken from a plane.  It looks like I’m in space here, at the edge of the universe looking over. 



Sky over the Irish Sea.  I like this one because there is no discernible boundary between where the sea stops and the sky starts.  The photo also marks a safe homecoming after my first transatlantic adventure.
The clouds here are particularly fluffy, full and tangible in this picture.  They remind me of how I feel after a good meal and a few cups of tea.
This picture was taken along the ascent up Ireland’s highest mountain peak – Carrantoohil which I climbed last year.  It’s a typical Irish sky, cloudy, rainy, feels like home. 


I took this on a flight home from London coming back into Ireland and love it because it looks just like a painting.  



Blue skies over the Mourne mountains.  A  rare and beautiful sight. 
I like this picture and the varying hues in the sky as the sun set on the Croatian town of Cavtat.  It was a really nice and peaceful place to visit.  I particularly like the way the fading sunlight has caught in the water leaving a trail of light orange through the calming waves.  
On route to Liverpool, the clouds just blanketing endlessly across the sky.
Nothing in the sky but a plane, proper holiday dream.  Taken Croatia 2010. 
Last one, of an Irish sky over the Irish sea, on one of the few and cherished times it was blue and perfect.  

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