Recent Travels: Not So Solo !

So, apparently travelling with people can actually be pretty great too!  It’s not something I have much experience with and usually avoid but I took my chances on a sun-craving starlet who needed a break and headed off to Spain for a long weekend.  And it was super awesome wonderful.

We landed in Barcelona airport and headed on a coach down the coast to Lloret De Mar.  It was a little bit of a tough journey with a delay leaving the airport and the MANY pee stops that the other people on the bus seemed to need.  A lot of stag and hen parties head down this direction -that could be a headache if you ended up in the wrong hotel or hadn’t the best of patience, but we got over it and made it to our destination in just a few hours, and cue epic relaxing and sun bathing.

Lucky to get smashing weather I managed to attain a wonderfully streaky scalding to bring home with me.  As a pale Irish person this is as much as I can hope for.  It’s gradually turning to a light tan after the inevitable few layers of skin that peeled off.  Couldn’t ask for more.

Lloret is a small and idyllic little haven with beautiful night lighting and stunning views.  Exactly what it said on the tin.  There’s a statue that supposedly grants wishes if you touch her foot and look out to see.  I imagine she was some kind of foot fetishist and will do anything for anyone to touch her feet, but I reserve judgement and didn’t ask her any questions about it, just touched the foot and made the wish.  Hopefully this lady luck will pull through for me.

I’d say Lloret could be a pretty messy destination if you wanted to party.  There’s a strip of clubs and bars along Lloret Beach that look like they could get pretty rowdy when the sun goes down, hence the hen and stag attraction.  I heard it once referred to as ‘regret de Mar’ by a visitor who got caught up in the night life and didn’t have the best or most clear memories from it!

But we didn’t get mixed up in any of that nonsense and found the quieter side of life by the ocean.  We found our own little patch of beach and some more homely and down to earth bars to frequent.  One particular favourite was called ‘ROOM’, which had a multi-lingual book corner (Banksy album included) and here I tried my first hookah smoking apparatus.  Very tasty!

Once again, holidaying on a budget.  All in this trip cost us less than £400 each including flights, buses, accommodation, food and all spending money (ie- mostly cocktail money).  For the spectacular location, great hotel, beautiful weather and relaxed holiday atmosphere, I’d say it was more than worth it.  I can only speak for myself but I for one had a great time and you know it was really nice to be in good company and not winging it by myself for a change.

Maybe George Orwell had a point when he said ‘beauty is meaningless until it’s shared’.


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