Everything in Its Place. An Orderly World.


I have found it to be true that a clear space leads to clear thinking.  I believe the reason that humans are so usually inclined to seek order is because of the conditioning we undergo throughout our early years and onwards.

Do you remember doing four piece jigsaws as a toddler?  Or being asked to group together the blue shapes and separate the red shapes into different piles?  We learned definition and difference through sorting tasks and we learned, and in most schools, to tidy up after play, to sequence in early math and to put things in the right places.

Do you remember how many times you repeated those tasks over and over until you had it right?  And how many times you got shouted at when you left things where they didn’t belong.  Sometimes I still get an earful!  We live and we learn.

We carry these repetitions forward with us.  The need to sort, to clear, to tidy they become natural processes which our brains seek out.  When you have repeated something so many times it becomes automatic and every mess starts to trigger a need to tidy.  We develop an in-built need for order.

Sometimes people lose track of just how much order is appropriate for them.  They start to loop and order unnecessarily, even unhealthily, or they refuse to order even when they need to and want to.  It becomes a self-punishment, not to allow oneself to fulfill one’s basic needs.

Of course there are many reasons why people go either way and fall far from their natural healthy need for order.  Once, for a while, I just got tired of it I think and I stopped caring.  I stopped a lot of things and not until I started sorting things out again did the ball begin to roll, like a pin ball that had a knock-on effect on other little pin-balls and I was able to score some points again.  It was the small things first but they led to the big things after, until gradually I started to feel again like I was getting my whole life together.  And strangely it all started with some socks and old mail.




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