Preparing For Zombies

69363_1434607072021_7998236_nBefore we start let me just say that I am not saying there will be ever a zombie apocalypse.  I’m not crazy.  I am realistic.  However, when bored in work sometimes my colleague and I put our imaginations to good use and discuss our plans for this fantastical unlikely event.

We had thought about where we would go in the event of a zombie apocalypse and how we would ensure our survival.  We work in a high security zone at the airport so we think we will possibly set up camp here and we’d then have all sorts of vehicles at our disposal – planes, vans, cars, cherry pickers etc.  We’re also pretty sure that the zombies couldn’t penetrate the perimeter.  It took me twelve weeks to get security clearance for this zone so I mean..the administrative delays should work in our favour here and keep the zombies from getting badged and gaining entry in a hurry.  If people who work there are treated with such unforgiving caution and suspicion then zombies will surely fail under similar scrutiny.

We think that it would be best to monitor zombie behaviour strictly to begin with and get an idea of what we’re up against before proceeding with any rescue or clean up attempts.  Our fight tactics will differ enormously depending on the type of zombie we face.  If they can swim, shit!  If they can climb well, shit!  But we’ll deal with it accordingly.

It also occurred to me during a lunch time discussion that we may be able to implement that old Cruel Intentions policy of ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’, and actually befriend/ raise or negotiate with the zombies depending on their nature.  We might be able to feed them well enough to keep them on our side or to tame them.  I’ve always been good with animals, even scary dogs treat me with a certain understanding so I don’t know that zombies will be any different.  I will use my psychology skills at understanding human behaviour to understand the zombie nation, put myself in their positions and attempt to create a safe place for us to communicate and work together.

All in all, I think if it happens, we’ll handle it.


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