Moving in The Direction of Survival

I may be getting a few years ahead of myself and bear with me for being an idealist…BUT, I think that one day it will be possible through advances in science and technology to enable human beings to overcome death as we currently know it.

Join me for a second in a realm of imagination where I suggest to you that human beings are, in a big picture sense, moving towards the proverbial light of everlasting life.

Before you get worried about what this might mean in terms of overcrowding let me first reassure you -thanks to Nasa’s new Keplar telescope 1,284 new planets were discovered yesterday and scientists believe that some of these may be habitable.

This discovery comes just one day before Tesla offshoot company Hyperloop tested a vehicle which purposes to be able to carry people and goods at the speed of sound.  If that can be done, so can commercial space travel.  It’s not unthinkable.  So not only may we have enough space for a growing and ever-lasting population we will also have the technology and resources to spread it out to more distant territory.

Generally, whatever it takes to make it work – they’re working on it.

Advances in artificial intelligence have come a long way since the Eliza program was written at MIT in 1964. Now, not only do we have a whole selection of chat bots and help bots but we can also create bone marrow from machines and use 3D printing to create new organs.  If that isn’t moving in the direction of entire body preservation in the future I don’t know what is.  Some say that when the atmosphere on earth changes beyond our ability to adapt and thrive here we’ll be at the stage where we will have machine based versions of ourselves to upload into and that the artificial shell will carry us forward.

So then also say that we do find a way to continually heal and fix the human body, increasing life expectancy – the question becomes how do we preserve the soul and our consciousness?  Because without this our bodies are all but useless. And further do we need to find a way, or is it the light that never goes out?

This I can’t answer yet, I don’t know if that’s being worked on , but no doubt it will be looked at and theorized over.  For every problem there is a solution.  For every question there is or can be an answer.

And for anyone who thinks even the idea of this is sacrilegious, just remember the story of that little guy on the roof when the world flooded who wanted God to save him.  He refused the helicopter and the boat because he believed God would save him.  When he got to heaven he asked God -‘why didn’t you save me?’ and God said, ‘well dude, I sent a helicopter and a boat but you still weren’t happy’.

Maybe God just works in mysterious ways.

I know that the news I refer to is not hard evidence that any of the technologies or scientific discoveries we are holding in our hands today will one day enable a deathless utopia for womanandmankind, but join me in dreaming that maybe, just maybe, we’re heading on the right path.


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