5 Things To Abandon For Success

1/ Your Lack of Confidence

I don’t know about anywhere else but in Ireland confidence is very often not celebrated as it should be by peers.  You do well at something and you are often likely to be met with a sneering ‘oh well look at Mrs important, think you’re sooo big’.  It’s a common slur for bitchy people to use the phrase ‘well she just loves herself!’ as if that is a terribly arrogant thing to do.  But rise above it, love yourself, appreciate yourself, be good to yourself.  No matter how little people celebrate your strengths you know you have them so flaunt them.  They will carry you forward and encourage others to place their confidence in you too.  Set an example in thinking you can.

2/ Non-believers In You

I don’t mean abandon them completely- but abandon the impact they have on you.  Think about it.  When you suggest a new idea or venture, many people may brush it off or roll their eyes or try to tell you how it won’t work, but if you believe in it – think it through and go for it if you want to.  Sometimes we can take on the disbelief of others and let it hold us back.  They cast doubt and we follow suit.  This is self-sabotage.  Stop it.

3/Disorganised Ways

I’ve heard it said that failing to plan is planning to fail and this runs very true.  If you want something to go well, think it through first.  Consider it well, plan for every eventuality and be prepared for anything.  One step ahead of the game and the game will not catch you out.

4/ The Inability To Handle Criticism

Criticism as long as it is constructive is very, very good.  Let yourself find out where you go wrong and better it for next time.  Burying the head in the sand is not helpful.  Blaming others for any misses at success is not helpful either.  Take responsibility, ask for feedback and constructive criticism and work to better the areas you fall down in.  If you don’t know or won’t admit where you’re going wrong, you can’t turn it around.

5/All Obstacles

If you look at your goals and you see only obstacles, that’s your perception, not the reality.  Abandon the obstacles and change your view.  It’s like a mountain walk – yes you might be going up hill and there might be trees and rocks in the way, but you don’t turn back, you look for a way around and usually, you will find one if you look hard enough, or ask for some directions.

Good luck!   It’s not about luck.  Plan it out!




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