Seeing The World While Chained To A Desk.


I have a serious thirst for life and adventure that has distracted me as long as I can remember.  I like to work, I wanted an education and a career and the security of a home and a routine I could rely on but the force towards adventure has always remained strong.

So I work full-time, needs must, but every time I have time off now I get the hell out of Ireland.  I work, I save up and I make short trips on a budget.  If I have to go alone that’s just what I do.  It’s easy once you get started.

I want to visit every European capital at some stage.  Ideally every world capital but I tend to smart small with reasonably manageable goals and then progress when the time is right.  Berlin (above) was a wonderful concrete playground of adventure.  It was amazing.

So was Amsterdam.  I can’t wait to go back there.  It had a really lighthearted atmosphere, full of students and tourists and people gleefully exploring the streets on foot or on their bikes.  There were literally bikes EVERYWHERE!  And funky houses and coffee shops.

Circa 2013


And right on our door step.  It cost me €50 return to get there and back on a flight.  It was really easy to get around and get to grips with the layout.  Tourists are really well catered for in Amsterdam.  I have never been so impressed by an airport either.  It’s possibly  the only airport so far that I would be happy to be delayed in.  Maybe London Gatwick but it’s not the same.

One airport I definitely didn’t like to be delayed in was Krakow’s.  Being crammed into an over-crowded miniature departure lounge with a terrible hangover was not ideal.  However, the city itself was more fun than I ever could have imagined.  The food and drink was extremely reasonably priced, the nightlife was tons of fun and the bars stay open well into the wee hours.

March 2014

Here’s me and my friend drinking shots of lemon vodka to help us to recover from our sadness after a day trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau.

Which reminds me, in name only, of Birkenhead,  which brings me to Liverpool, another treasure on our doorstep.  Below is a picture of what they do in their churches so you can only imagine what they do in their nightclubs.   Think Suicide Girls dancing to Marilyn Manson.  Yes, the one and only Jessica Lou hails from there.



From Ireland you can get there and back in no time at all and it is really cheap as chips.  Speaking of chips…

The furthest I have ventured is to Canada/ North America where they make a really fantastic gravy chip.

Poutine in Montreal = superb.

But that’s not all -they have a free outdoor punk festival in May, numerous rock bars, art installations on the street and the weather there in the summer months…wow.

It’s a little bit of a drive from there to New York but totally worth the journey, especially for the Bloody Mary’s and the food in Brooklyn, Peaches calamari was the highlight.

11008559_10204027693519489_6401945323241977494_n 10384748_10203994392926995_5504145046045316487_n


YUM  !!


Yeah  !!



We did the naturally touristy things too, Times Square and Central Park and The Empire State building, but it rained and we ran out of time so eating and drinking became the focus.  And really the touristy  things didn’t do it for me as much as the places like Williamsburg did, where I discovered Aaron Cometbus, and Lower East Side where I found punk so loud I had to wear ear plugs to protect myself from going deaf.  I mean that was ideal.

As was Madrid.  Which I can credit with the best sunset I ever saw.


I can’t wait to adventure again.  The next trip is London, a regular destination of mine.  I mainly go for the Krispy Kreme donuts, but also to see friends and family there.  Camden and Brighton are among my favourite places ever.  Here’s why Brighton is:


July 2014


And on that note, inspired by this guy, I will front flip out of here for now and leave you to ponder your own previous or future holiday destinations.

The point of this piece is really just to say – don’t let work and life commitments hold you back.  You can do a lot on a low budget and a minimum work holiday allowance.  Go see the world.  It’s great.



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